Playing Blind: Some Facts About The Jets’ Wesley Walker

Wesley Darcel Walker is a former professional American football wide receiver who was a member of the New York Jets from 1977 to 1989. He played with a handicap, being legally blind in his left eye, which didn’t stop him from achieving big in his career as a football player.

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His talent was first noticed as a high school student of Carson High School in California, where he set tremendous receiving and return records. He was easily an All-American at the University of California.

His weapon was his speed, making him hold a career record of 19 yards per reception. By the time he retired from the game, he placed second in Jets all-time receiving yardage, making him one of the greatest receivers in the history of the Jets.

In 1978, he was the best in receiving yards, which was a huge factor that caused his election to the Pro Bowl that year, which further earned him the award of New York Jets MVP.

His best season as a receiver was in 1983, with 61 receptions. By 1986, he had a career-best 12 receiving touchdowns.

His career numbers show that he had caught 438 passes for 8306 yards and 71 touchdowns.

Today, Walker is a retired physical education teacher in New York. Occasionally, he goes on air as a commentator for a sports radio show.

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Recently, in one highly celebrated homecoming, he was recognized as among the greatest New York Jets in the history of the franchise.

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Amazing Yet Simple Innovations In Farming And Agriculture

Agriculture logs a lot of milestones through the centuries. From simple farming such as planting crops, to raising livestock, countless techniques have been developed over the hundreds of years to come out with abundant food options for consumers.

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The correct and responsible use of antibiotics has been pushed by farmers and veterinarians alike. Nowadays, the numbers of high-quality livestock have skyrocketed. Veterinarians have played an active role in both educating farmhands and administering medication themselves to ensure that the right amount is received by farm animals. This is important because too much antibiotics can lead to resistance.

Another important breakthrough comes in the evolution of farm housing. For example, research has revealed that dairy cows produce a lot more milk when they are housed in comfortable settings. Today, dairy cows have soft mattresses and water beds. Cooling systems have also been installed along with fans and sprinklers. The same goes for poultry. More comfortable environments allow chickens to get healthier, which leads to a higher egg yield.

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Biotechnology has allowed farmers to increase their crop yield by leaps and bounds. But it has, more importantly, kept crops safe during catastrophic events such as flood and drought. The miracle of biotechnology has also indirectly affected livestock, ensuring food supplies during seasons when there shouldn’t be any.

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Do you really need that farm machinery?

Farm owners have different stories to tell when it comes to how they started in the industry. While others had it easy, some are not fortunate enough to have the funds needed to acquire their materials and equipment easily. If you are the latter, or maybe you just started building your farm, you may feel beleaguered by your finances. You may find that the machines and tools you need to keep your farm going aren’t as affordable as you thought.

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The best way to deal with this is by knowing exactly what the basic farm equipment are – what you truly need -- and for you to be able to set aside those that can be purchased later on. These include:


Seeders are used to spread seeds on the ground. There are different types of seeders depending on the soil, plant, and land. If the seed has to be planted precisely into the seed, double-disc seeders are the ones to use. There are also air seeders, known as cultivator seeders that use stream of air to disperse seeds. For the simpler type, wherein seeds are literally tossed to the ground, there are simple broadcast seeders available.


Tractors do the heavy lifting, pulling, and towing. There are different types of tractors depending on their usage. If you have a small farm, a garden tractor would be perfect.

Plow and harrow

These two are used for soil preparation and planting, which are pulled or moved using a tractor.

Irrigation pumps or sprayers

There are different types of irrigation systems available in the market. There are flood irrigation systems, in which water goes directly to the furrows, or through a narrow strip of a gradual slope. There are also various sprinklers like the hand-move pipe and traveling gun systems, also known as the hose reel. For orchards or vineyards, there are micro irrigation systems that use low volume sprinklers, which are installed in specific areas or trees.

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VR Newbie? Here Are Great Games On The Oculus Rift

When companies announced the release of VR headsets some time last year, I knew very well that Oculus Rift was going to be my favorite. It’s the most famous out of all its competitors, and it has some cool games to offer. New to virtual reality gaming? Fret no longer! Here’s a list of games I’ve tried on my own Oculus Rift and reasons you should get your hands on them, too.

Adventure Time: The Magic Man’s Head Games

Adventure Time is a cartoon loved by kids of all ages, and its rise to video gaming is not surprising at all. It has made its way to the Oculus Rift with “Adventure Time: The Magic Man’s Head Games.” In this video game, players will explore the land of Ooo while trying to get rid of the villain. Get in the shoes of Finn and Jake, and have fun with this virtual reality game!

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EVE: Valkyrie

This multiplayer online game is now on the Oculus Rift. While the Oculus Rift version of the game is designed only for single players, it’s not bad at all. Be in control of your own spaceship, and shoot things in space!

A lot of Chronos fans think that the game does not need its VR version, because it’s meant to be played in third person, anyway. However, this Oculus Rift version is great to try out. It makes for a more eerie ambience. Chronos in first person VR will make the player feel like they are actually living a life that is about to end any time.

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